U.S.R. “Triton” is a student rowing society in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The society was founded in 1880 and currently counts over 1000 active members. Triton keeps up with its time and has established itself into the thriving society it is today.
For experienced rowers, Triton offers professional coaching and the possibility to train with talented and ambitious rowers and coaches. Our professional coach Coen Eggenkamp is in charge of the rowers who compete at the national and international level. We also have a professional weight-lifting trainer, Tjalling Knijff, who also trains the Dutch national team. Furthermore, in every category (from lightweight women to heavyweight men), there are talented rowers with whom you can combine and row. This way, you can benefit from each other by sharing knowledge and experience.
At Triton, welcoming guests is an important value. This especially holds true for international students who decide to study in the city of Utrecht. We understand that Dutch is a hard language to learn, and that the Dutch student culture can be a bit peculiar at times. But at the same time it is very interesting and a lot of fun. That’s why we want to offer international students the opportunity to come row at Triton. This way you can get to know more about student life, meet lots of new people, receive coaching, have fun and drink beers, and maybe even master the Dutch language (or at least learn some words), while sporting and staying fit at the same time!
Curious? Send an email to cwl1@usrtriton.nl or click the button below and get to know more about Triton, studying abroad and experiences from current international Triton members!